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Matrix Metropolis -Mini Backpack

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Matrix Metropolis -Mini Backpack

Matrix Metropolis -Mini Backpack


This multifunctional bag is perfect for comic conventions, EDM fest, EDC fest raves and more. Featuring a futuristic cityscape at night with eye-catching details. It has an edgy look with bright colors that will make you stand out. It's perfect for keeping all your gear safe and secure. The built-in inner padded sleeve can hold up to a 13-inch laptop or tablet. It has an outer compartment for belongings and side pockets for items like a bottle of water. The inner pocket also provides a space for loose items. #comiccon #futuristiccityscape #neonlights #bag #multifunctional #edgylook #brightcolors #cityatnight #conventionbag #gearstorage #standout


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